Provision for children with Special Educational Needs


We offer specialist sessions for children with additional or special needs that include meeting one of our well-behaved dogs, handling and stroking animals and teaching how to look after an animal.  Steven’s experience as a SENCo and his work with children with a range of additional needs means that he is capable of planning and delivering sessions that will be both inspirational and appropriate for the young people’s needs.  During our pre-visit please discuss the needs of your group and your aims for the visit. 

Click here to view Allday's Farm Leaflet which you can download.

We can also supply your School with Posters and Leaflets to promote the event.  Contact us.

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Education – Schools


Allday’s Farm will bring your school and curriculum to life when we visit.  Steven’s experience teaching across the primary age range and his work as a mentor and coach in school means that he has the knowledge and know how to work and communicate effectively with all age groups.  As a mobile farm we aim to present sessions that are bespoke to the needs of the children and class from preschool all the way through to year 6 and beyond.


In our pre-visit to your school we will discuss with you the aims and objectives for each of the year groups we are planning a session for.  We will reference and show where the sessions meet the primary curriculum and provide opportunities for preparation work and further study.  We are keen to use the farm to develop both English and Maths skills and provide opportunities to enhance other areas of the curriculum.


For older children we will create experiences which will engage and challenge children’s thinking about animals and can focus on animal welfare, topical issues in farming today and how the world of farming has changed over time.  If you explain what you are looking for, we will provide an experience that meets your needs.


Residential Homes


Why not invite us to come and visit your residents with some of our animals.  This will provide them with an opportunity to hold, stroke and interact with our well-behaved animals. We are happy to bring a variety of animals or just a few that can be introduced and return on regular visits.  The joy that your residents will receive will ensure this will be an experience they look forward to and encourage their interactions with others.

An animal loving party and visit from our friendly animals can create an experience that is long remembered.  As well as opportunities to meet, hold and cuddle the animals we will also arrange animal themed games and activities.  We will face paint and act as a general party organiser if that is what is required.  When we do our pre-visit, please discuss with us your requirements.  Our aim is to give your child (and you) a wonderful experience that is what you dream of!
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Click here to view Allday's Farm Leaflet which you can download.

We can also supply your School with Posters and Leaflets to promote the event.  Contact us.

Allday's Farm are a mobile farm offering structured, enjoyable and interactive sessions for many areas...

Chick Experience - Egg, Incubator & Brooder Hire


Why not hire one of our 7 egg incubators for your school or nursery and hatch some chicks in your setting. We provide the eggs, incubator, brooder, cage, bedding and food for the chicks.  Eggs take about 20 days to hatch and we can even offer a programme of lessons and resources to ensure your experience and those of your children is as wonderful and stress free as possible!

When the chicks have outgrown the setting you can find them homes or we will take them back to our farm to live as free range hens.

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Party Feeback

Thank you Samantha and Steven for helping us make our son's birthday party so memorable! 


It was such a delight to have Allday's Farm at our home. 


You were punctual, friendly, professional, educational and extremely accommodating to our group. 


For a unique experience and point of difference, I would highly recommend Allday's Farm! 


From the Douglas Family

What Staff from Highfield St. Matthew in Wigan had to say...
...Outstanding - very informative, pitched perfect, National Curriculum Learning Objectives covered....
...Professional staff - brilliant!
(Visit date 12/10/17 & 13/10/17)
Feedback from Rimrose Hope Staff
'...A fantastic range of animals and hands on learning experiences...patient and friendly staff... 
The children learnt so much in just one day and have been keen to build upon their blossoming knowledge of animal classification, baby animals and what they grow into.'
Mr. Ward - Reception Teacher Rimrose Hope CE Primary School
(Visit date 4/10/17)
SEND Experience
At a recent school we spent the lunchtimes working with children who were on the SEN Register, giving them time to learn more about the animals in a small group.  The children were given additional hands on experiences and these allowed them to build on their prior learning or prepared them for the session they were about to have.  Most importantly, the children enjoyed the extra time and took great satisfaction from it, boosting their self-esteem.
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