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About Us

steven allday

Steven Allday

Hi, my name is Steven Allday and my background is in education.  I have been teaching for the last 20 years and I have worked with a variety of students in some wonderful schools.  I was a deputy headteacher for six years in West Lancashire and I have been a Special Needs Coordinator for the past eight years, working with children with a range of additional needs.  These include children with Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Difficulties, Physical Difficulties and a variety of Emotional Difficulties.  


As a person, my dream was always to live in our beautiful countryside and learn about the ways and customs that make it special. I have always enjoyed the company of animals and our family farm is home to our horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits. 


My passion is to provide excellent experiences for children and adults that inspire them and motivate them.  We at Allday’s Farm, through the Country Learning Farm, aim to provide a service that is bespoke to the needs of your community and is safely organised for all to enjoy. The health and safety of all those involved and our animals is always of paramount importance to us and central to our aims and beliefs. 




My wife Sam has been an animal lover all her life.  She is a head of Biology in a secondary school and because she has a full time job she works part time with the farm, helping create learning opportunities, thinking of ways to inspire deeper understanding in Science by using our animals.  She has is particularly interested in horses, dogs and tortoises but loves being around all animals.



Stuart works with the Allday's Farm regularly and he is an experienced handler and keeper of ferrets, birds of prey, fish and tortoises.  He has a super amount of knowledge and likes nothing more than to share it with all those who want to listen!


pygmy goats

Billy & Elliot
We are a pair of male pygmy goats and we love to get up to climbing and investigating things.  We also like to go for walks with Steven and Meg.

miniature horse

I'm Dexter's best friend and I am 8 years old.  I love to be fussed and my other favourite thing to do is EAT! If you give me a brush I will be your friend forever!

petting ewe

I'm a 2 year old ewe and I live with my 4 other friends in the field.  I like to have a wander about the yard too - especially when the big horses are being brought in!  

Some of our friends...

I'm a miniature horse with a cheeky and friendly personality.  I love to be brushed, stroked and fussed. I am 6 years old and I am a gelding.

miniature horse
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